Skype Office Hours Program

We are excited to announce the implementation of our UT Austin Science Olympiad Skype Office Hours program! We have created a Skype account which you and your students can call in and chat with UT student mentors.

How to Participate:

  1. Install Skype

  2. Add to your Skype contacts

  3. Send a message to our account to initiate your mentoring session

  4. Alternatively, directly send a message here

  5. Once you've started interacting with us, feel free to request an audio/video call

Available Hours:

  • Monday: 11am-1pm

  • Tuesday: 3pm-5pm

We plan to expand these hours based on team interest. Send feedback on how scheduling went for you!

Current Mentors

  • Ridwan

    • Hours: Monday 11am-12pm

    • Expertise: biology and math

  • Vy

    • Hours: Monday 12pm-1pm, Tuesday 4pm-5pm

    • Expertise: math, statistics, chemistry, and biology

  • Olivia

    • Hours: Monday 12pm-1pm

    • Expertise: biology, microbiology, public health, chemistry, SO competition experience

  • Sophia

    • Hours: Tuesday 3pm-4pm

    • Expertise: biology and chemistry

  • Eric

    • Hours: Tuesday 3pm-4pm

    • Expertise: anatomy and biology

  • Katie

    • Hours: Tuesday 4pm-5pm

    • Expertise: biology, math, and computer science

Note that all mentors are part of the larger UT Science Olympiad community. If they're unable to answer a question, they'll bring it to the rest of our group.

LSOAA 2015